How to Heal Piercings Prone to Scarring: A Comprehensive Guide to Prevention and Treatment

Certain piercings are more prone to scarring than others, often ones with low blood flow, such as cartilage. Also, cartilage piercings are the easiest to bash about and knock, as well as getting hair caught in them. Nostrils are a common place to have bumps, too! 

How do we get rid of them?

Step one, don’t panic. They take a long time to treat, but the sooner you spot and identify them, the sooner you can begin treatment.

Anyway, if you don’t know how to start you can always book an appointment at our studio at 179 Caledonian road and we can help you get started.

Step two, assest your routine and make sure you avoid any repeating stress factors on your piercing.

Step three, check yourself. Let’s put it simply this way: if you are in bad health, your piercings aren’t going to heal.

Now that we have established some grounds for the piercing to actually heal, there’s something else we can do to act directly on it.

The following aftercare it’s a pretty effective and easy to follow procedure and for many people it delivers great results

What do I need?

  • Saline water,
  • tea tree oil (preferably organic),
  • chamomile tea,
  • cotton pads,
  • cotton buds.

Optional: over the counter Hydrocortisone cream (these are usually around 1% and are often used as anti-itch medication. Always check in with your pharmacist or GP before using a new medication)

How do I do it?

Wash your hands before starting.

Warm up 10 ml of saline solution (you can use an espresso cup or a shot glass as measurement unit)

Put 2 drops of tea tree in it and mix well using a cotton bud.

Using a cotton pad, soak the piercing for 5 minutes.

Follow up with a chamomile tea soaking: a good way to do this is to make a chamomile tea, take the bag out and wait a few minutes until the bag cools down and then apply the warm tea bag on your piercing for 5 minutes. Make sure it isn’t too hot or you will get burned!

You can find all the products needed for your aftercare at our shop, come see us!

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